How many times have you failed in your current Accountancy Journey?

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How many times have you failed? Either on exams, been told your not the right person after an interview, or perhaps you haven't been able to live up to your employers standards?

I'm not really used to failing, as a child I'd play to be the best, or not play it at all. I've never failed an exam I've tried at but the past 3 interviews I've had I was "unsuccessful"... and there could be a lot more ahead! :( Ouch, it hurts, the worst bit is seeing my family and girlfriends family faces drop every time I have to tell them. I already have a part-time admin job (managers doing all she can to keep me employed), and I know success doesn't come without failure but it really gets to me that people might think I'm not capable. The nerves really get the better of me during interviews because I want the job so badly, if only I could be given a trial run I'm sure I'd exceed their expectations.

Thought it might be nice to hear some other peoples fails that haven't given up on the dream?

Now I go fill in another painful application form which everyone will ask me about every single day.


  • deedi
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    You must be doing something right to be getting the interviews.

    Keep at it you will get there in the end.

    PS: don't tell everyone, they can't ask you and get you all nervous beforehand .

    Tell them when it is all over and you have got your new job.

    And Good Luck.
  • clegganator
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    My advice would be keeping any job applications on the low, save an awkward conversation.

    The job market is very tough at this time but apathy is not the answer. I had a job interview, seemed to go well and didn't get it. That was a three months ago but it's still on my mind everyday. But you can't let that be a chain holding you down from career progression. Let it shape you and develop your character. It's not at all that you failed, but you didn't get the job. Failure would be if you gave up and became a tea boy. Try and get feedback from interviews where you didn't get the job so you know what skills to sharpen.
  • Fattu
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    You are not the only one. I have pass all the exam first time round, I did studies from home along with fulltime job as customer assistance which I utterly hate, but got to do it to support my studies and what not.
    I also have worked for number of charities on voluntary basis to gain some experience, but still no luck. I went for interview last week but unfortunately didn’t got it, which makes me wonder where am I going wrong ?? I am so down and the verge of giving up but then I think I am not the only one there are so many candidate out there trying to get there foot in the industry, completion is fierce. I know nothing I can say will make you feel better, just writing this to let you know you are not the only one.
  • AlfieJamesAccountancy
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    I shadow what Fattu says as I am in the same boat more or less. Stuck in retail to pay the bills, completed level 3 and looking to start level 4 soon.

    Had about 4 Accountancy based interviews, all unsuccessful but did get to final two on two occasions but was told both times that the other person got it because they had a degree!

    It does hit your self-esteem very badly and make you feel like giving up but I have built up the motivation to carry on and keep at it, because sooner or later someone has to give you a chance!
  • reader
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    I was unemployed for nearly a year before I got a job in a firm of accountants.

    I must have applied for over 500 jobs during that year using various websites such as reed, monster, gum tree, job seekers direct, etc. I only got 5 interviews during that time.

    Personally I think that getting a job is a numbers game, i.e. the more you apply to the more chance you have of getting a job.

    Keep going and good luck!
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