Suit Tie and Shirt for interview.... ???

George Tse
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Hey all

Ive been looking at suits for the past few hours just getting ready for when I do get an interview for a job, which is hopefully soon, and I am wondering why you guys opinions on this suit below the slim fit one ?

I need to find a good shirt and tie to match it. Will a tie like the one in the link above be good for an interview ?

If you guys could suggest any shirts and ties (pref from next but websites will do) link them to me.


Gentle Jesus


  • beckyln
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    I have found that Tesco do as good as a quality as next! The best thing to wear to an interview is something you feel comfortable in!
  • StuartW
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    That suit looks good - I reckon you could maybe afford to go with a slightly brighter tie (nothing luminous!) to offset against the darkness of the jacket.

    As it's a slim suit you might want to try and find a tailored/slim-fitting shirt to go with it. M&S tend to do good ones, but I imagine Next do as well. Also TopMan have decent "smart" clothes these days, and everything is slim in there :001_tongue: (just make sure it is "smart" and not too fashion-y).
  • SashaDella
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    grey suit, black skinny tie, white shirt... smart and cool
  • SarahJS
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    SashaDella wrote: »
    grey suit, black skinny tie, white shirt... smart and cool

    Personally I'd say not a skinny tie, to me they just look unprofessional. All down to personal choice though!
  • George Tse
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    Thanks for the replies guys.

    I will try and find a tie that is not too skinny but not too fat.

    That suit I think I will most likely buy as it looks really nice.


    Gentle Jesus
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