Options after AAT Level 3/4


I have found on the AAT website various different routes to take, ie self employment, chartered or university.

I wanted to know what your plans are, and why you choose them and any information you can give me about each/ benefits.

Im mainly interested in people wanting to gain a degree, as I don't understand the benefits of this (except some jobs you need one?)

Any help/comments are appreciated !

Thank you :thumbup1:


  • stevef
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    Other options include: (i) working for an employer with no further studies except CPD; or (ii) specialising in a specific area (eg tax, payroll, payment of accounts, treasury management, pensions, audit etc) and studying for membership of the relevant bodies.

    There are probably a lot of other options as well.
  • NicF
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    I'm not doing anything with mine cos I'm moving to Australia. If I wasn't moving though I'd be possibly looking at moving in to an assistant finace manager role at work and studying CIMA.
  • Jo Clark
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    Once I have completed my studies with AAT I am hoping to move on to IIA exams to compliment my new job :o
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  • Louise89
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    I'm going to do CIMA which complements my job quite nicely. I wouldn't do a degree as I already have one, but wouldn't rule out a Masters in the future after I've completed CIMA.
  • Mollypod88
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    I would like more infomation on self employment if any has any?
  • SashaDella
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    Yes more answers from people would help :D Maybe I should post this question in chat?
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