Yes.. Another Question About Salary!

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I'm currently on a apprentice wage and have been told that after I have completed level 2 I shall get a pay increase, well thats very soon and I was wondering what people thought I should be earning or if there is some information about average wages etc.

Its a small company, with just my manager and myself working in the accounts.

Any extra information you need, just say..



  • beckylnbeckyln Feels At Home Posts: 52Registered
    Hi Tia, About 14 - 16k is the going rate for an apprentice :)
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    beckyln wrote: »
    Hi Tia, About 14 - 16k is the going rate for an apprentice :)

    Cor blimey I was on 6K with regular pay increases when I started my apprenticeship. Thankfully I have a much better paid role now I'm no longer an apprentice.

    Stick with it, most people would kill for the experience.
  • villapbvillapb Trusted Regular Posts: 357Registered
    Just you and the manager.................forget about money that will come, EXPERIENCE is everything these days and 99% of aat students cant get it never mind being paid to get it.
  • SashaDellaSashaDella Trusted Regular Posts: 362Registered
    Thanks for your advice, I think you are right about the experience. Its just difficult as half my wage goes towards the travel. And I now have to have two additional jobs to make ends meet! It means that I am getting quite ill.

    I shall continue working hard and hopefully once I am fully qualified that I shall see the rewards! Its just really hard sometimes to justify.
  • villapbvillapb Trusted Regular Posts: 357Registered
    Keep going it will get easier and believe me being there wore the t shirt..............hats off to you.
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