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Hi All,

Well I've decided to postpone Indirect Tax until September and instead I'm going to sit spreadsheets at the end of August.

I've heard alot of scary things about this unit but I work with spreadsheets daily so I'm hoping it can't be too bad.

Any tips from you lovely people would be great!


  • janwal
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    Spreadsheets was exactly the same as the practice CBA, if you have nay problems I found using You Tube was a real help. I too use spreedsheets at work but was amazed how much I didn't know as I tend to use standad ones over and over again.

    Good luck

  • torresgbr
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    I agree with the previous post. It is the same as the CBA exam. The only other thing I would add is make sure you understand the 'If' statements.
    Good Luck
  • amyjayne27
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    Hi Molly,

    I just found out yesterday that I passed this exam :-) same advice as the other posts, just do the practice one a few times so you get used to the layout that is needed and also make sure you know 'if' statements.

    You will be fine if you work with them everyday!

    Good luck
  • missm4ry4m
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    Hello Molly,

    My advice would be is to visit My AAT Learning Zone and do all the scenario questions on there and then check your anwsers afterwards. This really helped me with my exam and I found it pretty useful. Also, the actual exam is pretty much the same as the practice one online.

    Oh and also do all the questions in your text book!!

    Good luck :)
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