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vat on private healthcare

sivasiva Feels At HomeRegistered Posts: 54

Could anybody help me, i am trying to post a direct debit payment for a private healthcare,we dont have a account set up for this and so i am posting this payment through the bank, but just wondering if there is vat included in the payment.



  • ChelleChelle Well-Known Registered Posts: 163
    Hi Siva

    I have just found this on HMRC website, I hope it helps:-

    Where the service is principally aimed at the protection, maintenance or restoration of health of the person concerned, the supply is exempt.
  • Louise89Louise89 Trusted Regular England, UKMAAT Posts: 296
    Just an example; we have AXA invoices relating to private healthcare and they always quote exempt from VAT.
  • sivasiva Feels At Home Registered Posts: 54
    Thanks, Chelle and Louise.

    I thought they are exempt. its just i am trying to post all these direct debits on to the system which i have never done in the past.

    I have another question, one of our directors is renting a flat instead of staying in hotel, does this rent would include vat as on hotel rent. I guess it would, but just want to make sure with all of your expertise and knowledge.

  • Louise89Louise89 Trusted Regular England, UKMAAT Posts: 296
    Not all hotels charge VAT... depends if they are VAT registered. You will need to check with the director and the landlord.
  • BluewednesdayBluewednesday Font Of All Knowledge Registered Posts: 1,624
    Siva, can't you check with the invoices, that would say whether there is VAT on it.
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