Non Standard VAT Accounting

kazflan Feels At HomeRegistered Posts: 36
We currently run a month end system on a 4,4,5 week basis. I have spoken to the VAT office and have asked if the VAT return can reflect this or if it is acceptable when the return dates are shown as the calender month end.
I have been advised to write in asking for non standard vat accounting.
Has anyone else had to do this and if possible a letter template as I am not sure what to put.


  • oakley
    oakley Feels At Home Registered Posts: 73
    we have had the same in the past, write to them every year stating your accounting periods and they will confirm it is ok to use.
  • kazflan
    kazflan Feels At Home Registered Posts: 36
    Thank you
  • Frankie1976
    Frankie1976 Feels At Home Registered Posts: 33

    I worked for a company for a number of years who operated on the 4,4,5 basis. I agree with Oakley's comment and notify HMRC of your month end dates and they shouldn't have an issue with it as you are still accounting for VAT for the same number of days in a VAT quarter as if you were using calender month ends. The 4,4,5 concept is more common you may think.
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