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My friend and I are starting up our own bookeeping business until we feeling more confident doing more.
My question is which software would be best for this I am so fed up of looking we have looked at quick books, simply books, solar accounts etc etc. Advice would be very much appreciated. I would like to buy one this weekend. Is there anyone out there who can help

Thanks pam :confused1


  • Monsoon
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    VT Transaction+

    I no longer recommend Solar (for a bookkeeper, the entry method is too slow).

    VT is well priced, multi-company, robust, easy to use, and integrates with VT final accounts production software.

    I've not heard of Simply Books.

    Don't touch Sage with a bargepole.
  • whinpin
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    Thank you Monsoon I'll take a look.
  • Emily
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    It would depends on what sort of clients you would be carrying out the bookkeeping for, and what their requirements are.
    If you are just starting out and doing small, sole trader type businesses, with simple income & expenditure, you could probably get away with doing a lot of the bookkeeping on Excel.

    Sage Line 50 is brilliant for small-medium sized businesses, really easy to use and meets all the bookkeeping requirements! (I would personally avoid quickbooks like the plague!!)

    What is your budget for the software? Some software packages are more expensive than others (e.g. Sage).
    I've heard good things about Xero, and they are fairly cheap if your budget is low.

    It depends on what sort of client base you have and your budget in the end!
  • Monsoon
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    The problem with softwares like Sage and Xero is that you have to pay for each client you have, whereas packages like Solar and VT you buy once, then that's it forever, no matter how many clients you have on it.

    Xero is very, very good, but at £19+VAT a month, it's not cheap. However if the client is happy to pay that in the price, then that's fine - and it means they can see what's happening too. The real time bank feeds are brilliant and really save time, too, so cloud options really are worth considering.

    I swear by VT, as a standalone solution. I'm in the process of migrating over to Xero for my own books.
  • T.C.
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    I like Quickbooks for my own use, but usually recommend Excel spreadsheets for my clients as most are just small businesses/sole traders who don't want to get too tied up in accounts.
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