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Hi all.

I prefer quickbooks and most of my clients are either using excel or quickbooks. However, i have a lady that is doing her books on sage and wants me to do her final accounts. I do bookkeeping for clients on their system on sage but that is always on their system at their property. But this is my first annual accounts. Therefore i was looking into sage and realised how expensive it is!! As i don't have the numbers of clients that i need to justify the professional package.

I wondered if anyone knew whether in the basic sage 50 single user single company are you able to restore a clients data, look at the file, prepare the accounts, then go back to my client and post the relevant journals. Then if i got another client on sage for year accounts whether i would be able to upload their data over the previous client and look at their data. I know that i wouldn't be able to view both at the same time, but with the volume of sage customers i have this wouldn't be a problem. When i did i would hopefully be able to justify the large investment into the accountants software.

Or does anyone know of a trial version, that i can download that will just allow me to upload this data for 30 days, which would give me enough time to view everything i need to prepare the accounts?

How has everyone else tackled this problem please? all advise welcome :) x


  • T.C.
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    I know there is a trial version on the Sage website, try there first.
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    Why don't you just get the reports off Sage? That's what we do for clients that use QB's which we don't have. That will save any software purchase.
  • Gem7321
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    I agree, ask your client to send the reports you need (preferably in csv format for functionality).
  • LynWest
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    Thanks everyone. I'm getting the reports from the client. result!! :) x
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