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Oh my God, I have just logged onto my assessment results and it say's competent!:001_tt2: I am so pleased my face hurts. I really thought I had messed up on my financial analysis but obviously not.

However, my statement of achievement does not yet show the results and so I am wondering if the results are true or do they have to go through some sort of final analysis. Does anyone know if it possible to get the actual results for each section of the exam?

I am so pleased. I self studied FNST and I really gave it my all. For those of you yet to sit FNST I would encourage you to practice, practice and practice WRITING out the standards so that you can get used to writing them as opposed to just memorising them. It works if you work it. And don't forget to practice your ratio analysis.

I can't stop smiling.



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    Congratulations Bubs :o

    You can ask for feedback which will details areas that were exceeded, met, borderline and not met.
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    Well done =)
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    Very well done you. It is a pig of a unit, and it's a wonderful feeling when you get the news that you have passed.

    Congratulations again.:lol:
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    Well done :)
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    Fantastic news!!

    Is that you done?
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    Thanks all. Whirlwind, I am only just beginning. I've passed FNST and credit management and the rest to do. I will be sitting my budgeting exam on 25th October, Financial performance in December and will probably do personnal tax and the ICAS project early next year.

    Good luck to you all!

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    Congratulations Bubs :)

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