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att ethics

villapbvillapb Trusted RegularRegistered Posts: 357
Att ethics gives me panic attacks about all the things that the revenue and clients will screw us with ....................it got me thinking though what do mips who are one man bands or one lady bands, plan, if you happen to DIE. Saw a horror story of a cta who died and his family was being harrassed for client information.....................omg i know we are gone but hate to think of that happening, but seriously...whats your thoughts.


  • SimmyluvsuSimmyluvsu Feels At Home Registered Posts: 55
    Well if you read far enough into ATT ethics it says the steps you should put in place for if you die. Like, having a deal with another accountant/firm about them taking over the clients etc
  • villapbvillapb Trusted Regular Registered Posts: 357
    Oh never thought of that stupid me...........love to know how many do, that cta for one didnt.........ok back to reading and the real world.
  • MonsoonMonsoon Font Of All Knowledge FMAAT, AAT Licensed Accountant Posts: 4,071
    In theory anyone with a practising licence has to do it. I think the CTA would have had an issue from his professional body had he not been dead...

    That's why I'm so grateful for having staff. They know 80% of what's going on, and can work out the rest of it. The only thing I haven't done is supplied master passwords for the server etc. I'm pretty sure I did a while ago but if I've forgotten how and where, I'm sure they have too!
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