Please familiarise yourself with AAT's Online Community rules.

AAT's Online Community rules

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To reflect our growing activity across a range of social media platforms, we've updated our Online Community terms and conditions.

Please read them - you can find them here: AAT's Online Community rules


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    StuartW Registered Posts: 472 Dedicated contributor ? ? ?
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    'Report Post' function

    Further to this, and in response to a couple of recent incidents, I'd like to ask for regular users' help when it comes to flagging dubious content.

    For instance, please use the Flag function beneath a post if:
    • users conduct conversations around live assessment material. This is strictly forbidden. Users can discuss areas of the qualification, practice assessments, accounting concepts, and so on - but not material within live assessments
    • you think someone is posing as someone they're not - for example, a recruiter pretending to be a student, or similar.
    The number of people using AAT's discussion forums grew considerably in 2012, and lots of prospective students use them to help them make what is a huge life decision. Thanks for helping ensure they remain a trustworthy and an invaluable resource for members and non-members alike.

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