Failed again

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STUPID ETHICS I CANT DO IT IM QUITTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:crying:


  • missm4ry4m
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    Don't give up! Think of the reasons why you're studying AAT in the first place.
  • jenny3549
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    Don't quit. You can pass this.

    It's by far the most boring of the units and there are no calculations to liven it up but keep at it and you will get there.
  • janwal
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    Don't give up, have you got you feed back so see where you are going wrong.

    Post it and we all may be able to help.
  • vivfry84
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    It seems everything

    1.1 General Principles
    1.2 Regulatory Requirements
    1.6 Contined Professional Development
    1.8 Safeguards & Threats
    2.4 Disclosure of Confidential Information
    2.5 Professional experience
    2.7 Ethical behaivour
    2.8 Ethical concerns and seeking advice

    ITS LOADS, I have written 7 YES 7 Mocks and have passed them all no problem!!!!!! If I fail a third time i'll be done!!

    There was a questions that asked if a student is studying do they need to complete a CPD? now surely if they are studying then no, as they will be completeing it while they do???
    Also there was a question in section 1.1 that asked if you are Honest u are what? I put down Integrity and I seemed to have failed the section!!

    Please help.....
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    Giving up...

    Dn`t eva dare thnk of quiting..I hv been failing AP1..Nd m still failing it bt i hv a believe that somewhere m going to make it...
  • villapb
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    Hope you don,t write like that in Ethics you will never pass lol..............(Zebron)
  • salih
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    i know how you feel with ethics the way i passed if you read the book over and over again you would understand the subject and you will 100% pass the next time
  • welshwizard
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    Keep going!


    First of all, don't give up - if you're keen to qualify, you need this unit (and, indeed, you'll be doing similar stuff with ACCA and CIMA).

    Secondly, a tip form me and my students - go with your 'gut instinct' - often those students who are not successful (notice I don't use the word 'fail') change their answers after 'thinking' a bit too much. This causes them to go against the gut feeling and not achieve. At then end of the day, much of this unit is about ethical behaviour and it is the attributes of that 'behaviour' that is being tested here (as well as your understanding of a question).

    Keep going - you will get there!
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