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Hi Guys...
Does anybody have any ideas on how to even get started with this???
I have had the case study for a month and all I seem to be doing is writing down what is already written but in a different order! I feel totally overwhelmed......
I realise it wasn't going to be easy but I must admit I'm feeling a little stupid at the moment.
Unfortunately I have no proper work experience with Accounting and also very little experience of writing essays or reports!
Definitely feel I've bitten off big style for this...
I have tried to do a SWOT analysis but all that seems to have done is confused me further!!

Thanks(hopefully) for any ideas or advice !


  • janwal
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    Hi Chuffer

    Please don't think your stupid, I had mine for over 3 months and then had to force myself to do it. Have you got any of the ICAS books, I used BPP and followed the lay out in there. I started by writing the Company History and the external regualations and stakeholders, then did the SWOT analysis. Once you get started you'll be surprised.

    I submitted my 1st draft last week and waiting for feed back.

    Good luck

  • kiz89
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    Hi chuffer

    Janwal is right, do not think your stupid, ICAS is!... i looked at it for a quite a while, meself and thought WHATT!... its when i completed it within a week i realised that was'nt so bad.

    I'm not working in accounts either and was glad they gave us a case study otherwise i wouldn't have a clue! :|

    Start off with:

    1) SWOT analysis
    2) weaknesses and recommendations
    3) fraud
    4) methodology
    5) Accounting systems

    Anything you cant fit in the report, put it in the introduction...as i was told! hehe

    Keep to the mapping document and you cant go wrong.

    do you have a layout of some sort?..... if not, if you want me to email you a copy that i had from my tutor, i could do?

    all the best x
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