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Payroo payroll software

JanejJanej Feels At HomeNorth YorkshireRegistered Posts: 50
Anyone using Payroo payroll software for pay bureau's??? It is on the HMRC list of recommended software and is fully RTI approved but it just seems too good to be true - it seems that you only pay £3 per employee per year and only for clients with over 9 employees and its cloud based !


  • mini_schnauzermini_schnauzer Trusted Regular Registered Posts: 347
    I've been using Payroo for past 2 years - never had a problem, but I am only doing basic payrolls for small companies.
    Very good service and free if under 10 employees.
  • JanejJanej Feels At Home North YorkshireRegistered Posts: 50
    Thanks for the info, my client only has 2 employees so this may be suitable.
  • LynWestLynWest Well-Known Registered Posts: 122
    One of my clients uses Payroo and when i took over i continued to use it as they were already using it. I have never found it to be a problem and seems a good package and i still use it for them now.
    However when i thought about using it for my other clients, i read through the terms and conditions and it said that you have to advise your client that their information is held and if their system is hacked and their personal details are stolen they are not liable. This made me uneasy, so i looked around and i now use moneysoft for my other clients, you can have lots of different companies in there and is RTI complient and it is £120 i think for the year, regardless of the number of companies or employees you have on there.
  • babsababsa Well-Known Registered Posts: 118
    I use Moneysoft Payroll manager, it's user friendly. It is a very good price, you can file CIS and RTI returns.
    If you just want it for one client/company it's about £56 + vat, if you have multi clients/companys upto 100 employees it's about £112 + vat.
    Updates are free and licence lasts for a year.

  • JanejJanej Feels At Home North YorkshireRegistered Posts: 50
    Thanks, someone else recommended moneysoft to me so I may go with that.
  • PrajaktaPrajakta Registered Posts: 2
    I will recommend you Pocket HCM, it is cost-effective cloud based Indian Payroll Software offering features like Time & Attendance Management Software, Employee Self Management portal, Leave Tracking Software, etc.

  • burgburg Experienced Mentor GloucesterModerator, FMAAT, AAT Licensed Accountant Posts: 1,441
    This they may have found a solution as this was posted in February 2013!!!

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