Exam Result Wait

eekeek Feels At HomePosts: 31Registered
Just wondering whether anyone has had any feb exam results back yet. I know it can be up to 6 weeks but here is hoping they are running ahead of schedule.


  • linzip1703linzip1703 Feels At Home Posts: 35Registered
    I took mine on the 26th so only been two weeks - this is my last one and i will then be fully qualified - just hope they come back early and i dont have to wait the full 6 weeks :001_tongue:
  • billdoorbilldoor Well-Known Posts: 129Registered
    Not yet, took FNPF on 14th. :mellow:
  • jagdeepnagrajagdeepnagra New Member Posts: 8Registered
    I took Financial Statements on the 5th February and received my result on the 6th March, i guess i got lucky!
  • Dahir AhmedDahir Ahmed Feels At Home Posts: 63Registered
    Lucky you Jagdeepnagra.

    I sat FNST on 11th Feb and still waiting. Anxiety.com!!!
  • Sammys1987Sammys1987 Feels At Home Posts: 57Registered

    Has anyone who took exams in Feb 2013 received them yet? I took financial statements and crcm about 3 weeks ago. I know it's early but I have received results within 3 weeks before!! It's so frustrating waiting I don't know weather to start studying my last unit or not!!! Grrr!!
  • omega manomega man Trusted Regular Posts: 283Registered
    Sammy - You should go ahead and study your last unit. I took PTX, BTX and FNST over 6 weeks or so, Jan 29th,Feb 20th and March 14th respectively. I have had my PTX result which i passed and my BTX should come in the next 10 days or so.
  • Sammys1987Sammys1987 Feels At Home Posts: 57Registered
    Thank you for the reply!! Oh that's not good, over 6 weeks!! It seems to fly by when you have an exam and the waiting for the results seems to drag sooooo much!!
    I think I will start the last unit and keep revising bits on the crcm and fnst incase I do fail. I hope not!! Fingers crossed!! Good luck on your results let us all know :-).
  • billdoorbilldoor Well-Known Posts: 129Registered
    I'd start your next module rather than wait, I sat Budgeting in January and moved onto FNPF the next day, sat that in February and moved on to FNST the next day.

    At least then you're progressing, rather than waiting 6 weeks, especially if you got really unfortunate and it took longer.

    I just assume that they'll take 6 weeks and I can complete the next module in that time, so no point waiting around.:thumbup1:
  • billdoorbilldoor Well-Known Posts: 129Registered
    My FNPF result has just been posted (thankfully competent) so hopefully others will receive their results soon.

    Just under 5 weeks for this one.
  • Dahir AhmedDahir Ahmed Feels At Home Posts: 63Registered
    Hi All
    Got my FNST results today. Thankfully competent too. I had to wait for 5 weeks + 1 day "only".

    I'm hoping my FNPF results come in quicker than that.
  • Sammys1987Sammys1987 Feels At Home Posts: 57Registered
    Well done!! Fingers crossed only 14 days to go till 5 weeks!! I constantly keep checking results page!! Results r due the day my baby is due so fingers crossed both results come back early and are competent!!
  • Dahir AhmedDahir Ahmed Feels At Home Posts: 63Registered
    Thanks Sammys1987.

    Lol...hope they both are. Wish you the very best.
  • bobber122bobber122 Settling In Nicely Posts: 18Registered
    Got my FNST results today and passed. I took my exam on 13th Feb so only 4 weeks and 6 days mine took to come back!!
  • eekeek Feels At Home Posts: 31Registered
    passed my FNPF today after 5 weeks wait - seems they have done a massive upload of results today!!
    Well done everyone

    Another 3 weeks till CRCM results now
  • bobber122bobber122 Settling In Nicely Posts: 18Registered
    Well done Eek.
  • Morpheus1980Morpheus1980 Well-Known Posts: 120Registered
    Congratulations to all those that have heard they passed today.

    Four weeks exactly since I took CRMC - I want the results so badly, I could cry! :001_smile:
  • billdoorbilldoor Well-Known Posts: 129Registered
    This is quite the day for it! Well done everyone :thumbup1:
  • Sulew17Sulew17 Well-Known Posts: 174Registered
    Finally got results for CRMC today - passed! Only waited 4 weeks 5 days which is the quickest so far!
  • Morpheus1980Morpheus1980 Well-Known Posts: 120Registered
    Ooooooh, well done!
  • ChelleChelle Well-Known Posts: 163Registered
    Well done everyone for passing today, it's such a great feeling isn't it :-)

    I sat FNPF exactly 5 weeks ago today and got the result this afternoon!
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