FNPF 4th attempt.......

ChelleChelle Well-KnownPosts: 163Registered
and I bloody well passed woohhooo.

The relief is astounding!!!

Just FNST result to come in a few weeks and Budgeting and PTX to resit but I'm getting there :-)


  • Dahir AhmedDahir Ahmed Feels At Home Posts: 63Registered
  • Morpheus1980Morpheus1980 Well-Known Posts: 120Registered
    Yaaaaaaaaaaay! Well done! You must be feeling pretty chuffed. Good luck with the others you are waiting for!
  • Sulew17Sulew17 Well-Known Posts: 174Registered
    Congratulations - what a relief, you must be ecstatic! Good luck with the others
  • janejane Well-Known Posts: 165Registered
    Well done Chelle,

    Yayyyyy :thumbup1:. Hope I can acheive the same result when I resit mine!!! Am so dredding it, my heart is sinking at the thought!! Any pointers would be good. What was your last written question like??

    So proud of you, High Five :lol:
  • ChelleChelle Well-Known Posts: 163Registered
    Thank you everyone, I still keep checking the result to make sure it does say the word Competent and not the horrid other words lol

    Jane, all I can say is just try and keep calm, that's all I did this time round and it seemed to work.

    The last written question this time round was very much similar to the practice CBA's, (unlike the resit before), it did have something about Marginal Costing in it too near the bottom of which I know I didn't do but still passed it.

    I can't wait to see my feedback report on Thursday now :-)
  • Dahir AhmedDahir Ahmed Feels At Home Posts: 63Registered
    How does one go about obtaining a feedback report please?.

    Is it posted on MyAAT or do I have to request one?.

  • Morpheus1980Morpheus1980 Well-Known Posts: 120Registered
    I always have to request mine from my learning provider (Kaplan). Give them a call and they should be able to email you your feedback report.
  • ChelleChelle Well-Known Posts: 163Registered
    Dahir, I'm studying through a college so my tutor can print them off for us.

    I think if you are home learning then you have to contact your learning provider.
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