Delaying/re sitting exams (when college no longer running course!)

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Just a quick question. I am currently studying level 3 and have fallen behind on AP1 and AP2 (I know, I could have chosen nicer units to fall behind in!)

Anyway, I plan to try and take AP2 as scheduled next week and work on AP1 when the other students are studying Professional Ethics in a couple of months (as I did this unit last year).

My only concern is what happens if I fail/don't sit all the exams this year for whatever reason? I hope to continue on to level 4, but will be taking a break before I start this, so delaying that isn't an issue for me.

The reason I am slightly concerned is that we have recently been informed that our college will not be running AAT next year and will be moving. I have already decided that I won't be 'moving' with them due to various issues this year and have enquired about what happens should I fail/not sit the exams, but i'm not getting very far!

I am looking at the worst case scenario at the moment, but is there any way of taking/resitting any required exams through another provider or just booking the exams myself at a later date? If so, other than the exam fee itself, would there be an additional charge?

Thanks in advance for any help :001_smile:


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    Moving centres

    Generally there is no problem in sitting a CBA at another centre - the AAT have a list of those centres which take external candidates - some colleges etc only allow their registered students to sit. You have to book through an approved centre.

    As for any additional cost that is a matter for each centre - some do and some do not charge (Most do). If it is a unit where the centre assesses such as Spreadsheet or ICAS then whole new charges will apply.

    Remember that if you have already paid for exams through a provider as part of a college course it is unlikely that they will refund or transfer that part of the fee to another provider or across an academic year - but it is worth asking.
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