New AAT website says I failed a Level 2 exam back in 2011?? HELP :-(

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Hi All,

I'm doing AAT Level 3 at the moment and I'm not sure if I'm posting in the right section as this is a general concern really... I know the AAT website has been updated since the beginning of May and I've been trying to work my way around it for the practice assessments etc, but I just happened to click on my past assessments on the new website and it's come up that I failed my first ever Level 2 exam back in December 2011!!! (Basic accounting 1)

I checked this section of my past assessments regularly on the old website, and I definately remember being "competent" at the time - I was told so by my tutor and was sent the official Level 2 AAT certificate when I passed all the units!!!

I'm now really worried / annoyed that I potentially failed an exam and I never knew!!! What do I do? :-( x


  • Jo Clark
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    Hello AATchick

    Contact AAT Student Support on Tuesday.

    I wouldn't worry too much, especially as you have received your Level 2 certificate. I think there are still a few technical glitches with the website and various small errors which are needing to be resolved. Did you receive a slip of paper which gave you your exam result? I kept all of mine... for level 3, not sure why, but could come in handy in cases like this.

    I hope you manage to get this sorted soon so you can stop worrying.

    Try and enjoy the bank holiday.... it is sunny :D

    JC :o
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    I wouldn't worry at all, they still seem to be having problems. I have 2 results for PEAF in level 3, 1 week I'm NYC the week after I am competent. I only took it once and I have just got result for Credit Management an it appears twice both times it says NYC..............well at least I know now.

    Email them and they will sort it.

  • AATchick
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    Thanks for replying all :-) youre right, ill get onto them tuesday and might even scan the certificate in and send it to them as well just as proof.

    Just what i needed - have 4 exams to go, and very pregnant, have enough stress as it is! Lol xx
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