I'm returning from maternity leave/a career break. Is AAT suitable for me?

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Yes. The AAT Accounting Qualification offers a way to start studying accounting whatever your age, experience or knowledge level. AAT has no formal entry requirements, and you don’t need to have previous experience of working in accountancy – but if you do, you may be exempt from some areas of the qualification. (A good way to find out what level is best for you is to take AAT Skillcheck.)

Returning to studying is a big decision and can take a while to get used to, so AAT’s flexible study options are ideal if you’re returning from maternity leave or a career break.

You can study full or part-time, and you can study AAT from home through distance learning if that’s the best option for you. Some people study AAT with the support of an employer, which allows them time off to study and sit exams.

If you’re returning to a job it might be worth speaking to your employer about whether they’d be willing to offer you support for your studies –after all, they would reap the benefits once you’re qualified, so they may see this as a worthwhile investment.

Once you’ve completed the AAT Accounting Qualification you’ll be able to gain generous exemptions should you decide to study chartered accountancy; and you could become a fully-qualified chartered accountant more quickly than someone who has followed the university route.

If you’re over the age of 24, you should be aware that in 2013 the Government changed the rules around funding. Learn more about 24+ Advanced Learning Loans at gov.uk.

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