How much does studying AAT cost?

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There are two types of fees – training provider fees and AAT fees.

AAT training providers set their own fees to cover study materials and tuition support. Distance-learning (online courses) can start from approximately £600 per level, while classroom study can start from approximately £1,000 per level.

We'd advise you check with your local AAT training providers to learn more about their fees.

To start your training, you need to become an AAT student member. AAT fees cover the registration and support you’ll receive as a student member. There is a registration fee of £38, and a 12 month subscription fee of £82 (£120 total).

Student membership gives you access to benefits including AAT branch network events, our award-winning bi-monthly magazine Accounting Technician and online study resources.

In addition to AAT fees, there are also fees for taking AAT assessments. For example, the Level 2 exam fee is £35 per exam.

Ways to reduce the cost of your studies include speaking to your employer, if you have a job already, to ask whether they'd be willing to offer financial support as an investment in their workforce.

School-leavers should look into the possibility of finding an apprenticeship to study AAT. Apprenticeships allow you to earn while you learn and put your new skills into practice in the workplace.

If you’re over the age of 24, you should be aware that in 2013 the Government changed the rules around funding. Learn more about 24+ Advanced Learning Loans at

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