Can I self-study AAT, without using a training provider?

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You must enrol with an AAT approved training provider to complete the AAT Accounting Qualification. However, it’s possible to study for some parts of the qualification by yourself.

There is a computer-based project module in each individual level which needs to be completed through an AAT training provider. These can’t be completed independently through self-study.

You can complete the remaining modules through self-study, and then sit the exams at a UK-based centre which allows ‘external candidates’. Search for an AAT assessment venue here.

You might also want to consider the options of studying AAT through distance learning, or via correspondence and online courses. Whatever option you choose, as an AAT student member you'll have access to AAT's award-winning suite of e-learning resources.

We strongly recommend studying with an AAT training provider as they can oversee your level of study, and check it is the correct standard. You’ll also benefit from tutorial support during your studies.

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