What is distance learning?

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Distance learning is a flexible method of study that allows you to study the AAT Accounting Qualification from home in a number of ways - either online, by correspondence or through a combination of the two.

Studying this way, you’ll avoid having to attend classes and the complications that come with this. So, instead of early morning starts at college or late nights at evening classes, you’ll be able to study when and where you please, at your own pace. You’ll also be able to start your studies at any time of year. It's a useful option if you have other demands on your time, such as family or work commitments.

You'll need to attend an assessment centre when you sit your exams - you can do this at any time of year. You can find these all over the country. Assessment centres will charge a fee to sit your assessment, and some may charge an administration fee. Here's a list of AAT assessment centres which you can download (PDF).

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