How much does AAT distance learning cost?

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The cost of studying AAT can essentially be split into two different categories: training provider tuition fees and AAT fees.

As with classroom courses, distance learning tuition fees vary in cost depending on the provider. AAT training providers set their own fees to cover study materials and tuition support, with distance-learning starting costs ranging from around £600 up to approximately £1,800.

The differences in cost can come down to a number of factors, such as:
  • the level of personal tuition support available
  • the materials provided
  • whether it’s an online or correspondence based course
  • whether AAT assessment and membership fees are included in the price.
It's important to make sure you're clear on exactly what is included in training providers' fees.

To get the best priced course for you we strongly recommend you do some research before making your decision, taking into consideration what your priorities are in terms of support/cost.

To start your training, you need to become an AAT student member. AAT fees cover the registration and support you’ll receive as a student member. There is a registration fee of £40, and a 12 month subscription fee of £86 (£126 total).

Student membership gives you access to benefits including AAT branch network events, our award-winning bi-monthly magazine Accounting Technician and online study resources.

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