How long will it take me to complete an AAT apprenticeship?

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There are three levels of the AAT Accounting Qualification, with each taking between six and twelve months to complete, and around three years to fully qualify. This variance will depend on your region and training programme.

For example, due to the slightly different apprenticeship frameworks in place across the UK, in Wales and Scotland there is more flexibility in how long it takes to complete each AAT level. As a result, you’ll find some training programmes are more intensive and scheduled over a shorter time frame. These training programmes are the exception to the rule, however, and most will run in line with an academic year, from September to June each year.

In England, it is required that each level is completed over the course of one year. However, you'll still qualify with exactly the same qualification.

It's worth bearing in mind that each of the individual AAT levels is recognised as a qualification in its own right. So even if you complete AAT Level 2 (AAT Level 5 in Scotland) and need to take a break before progressing, you'll still receive a certificate and be able to show this achievement on your CV.

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