Should I look for a job while studying AAT, or wait until after?

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We suggest you start looking for a position when, or soon after, you begin studying for the AAT Accounting Qualification. This way, you're taking the concepts you learn in your studies and seeing how they work in the real world. You shouldn't underestimate the benefit of applying classroom learning to the workplace, and the sooner you gain experience the better it looks on your CV.

An increasing number of AAT members start out with some voluntary work as a way to get work experience. This counts towards your AAT work experience and demonstrates your commitment to your career. When an employer sees unpaid work experience on a CV it can be a sign that the applicant has gone the extra mile to get their start in the profession.

Make sure you manage your time effectively, though - whether you do paid or unpaid work, you should make sure you can fit it around your studies. As an AAT student member you'll have access to a range of CPD resources which can help you manage your time, from articles and webinars/podcasts to events through the nationwide AAT branch network. Ensure you make the most of these resources, the majority of which are free.

If you're having trouble finding work, don't forget to make the most of the experience and knowledge in the AAT discussion forums. Search for conversations featuring people in the same situation as you - you'll find some in the AAT Level 2 sub-forum.

It's also worth asking your AAT training provider for advice on applying for roles. Also, check out this forum thread on making apprenticeship applications stand out - you might not be applying for an apprenticeship, but a lot of the same rules apply when sending in your cover letter and CV.

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