How much does AAT student membership cost?

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To sit AAT assessments you need to be an AAT member, and pay an annual AAT membership fee. This fee also grants you access to a range of resources, from study support (including practice assessments and our award-winning e-learning) to CPD opportunities like events, webinars, podcasts and our comprehensive branch network.

You’ll be able to access these resources through your online MyAAT account, which you’ll be able to set up once you’ve paid your membership fee.

Usually, AAT fees are separate from any fees charged by training providers; but it’s worth checking with your training provider just in case they bundle the cost of AAT membership into the price they charge.
  • The fee to register for the AAT Accounting Qualification as a student member is £120. This consists of an annual fee of £82, plus a one-off admission fee of £38. Your annual fee can be paid in instalments by Direct Debit, but your admission fee must be paid in full.
  • The fee for the AAT Level 2 Certificate in Bookkeeping is £38.
  • The fee for the AAT Level 1 AAT Access course is £32.
The AAT website has full information on AAT membership fees.

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