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  • king
    king Registered Posts: 3
    how to get aat apprenticeships
  • clees
    clees Registered Posts: 33
    I am Studying Level 2 as an apprentice.
    how will the apprentiships change under 2016 standards?
  • SianaT
    SianaT Registered Posts: 30 🤖 Admin 🤖
    Hi @clees - The current syllabus AQ2013 is running until 31 December 2017, so until then, the AAT apprenticeship offer will remain as it is. There is no funding for new starters after August 2017 on the current apprenticeship standards, however funding should be honoured for those who started prior.
  • SianaT
    SianaT Registered Posts: 30 🤖 Admin 🤖
    Hi @king - you can apply for AAT Apprenticeships here
  • Stacey89
    Stacey89 Registered Posts: 2
    My employer is not giving me the experience I need to sign off my apprenticeship tracker and I’ve been told I can’t book my synoptic level 3 exam until the EPA is done. I feel stuck, it’s proving a real barrier to me completing the qualification and I don’t know where I stand. I’ve worked so hard to get this far and the document is holding me back from completing. If my employee won’t give me the experience to be EPA ready what options do I have?
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