Financial Statements, resubmission?

Lee Southwell
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Hi everyone,

I took FS on June the 28th 2013 and i have just received the result and sadly I’m not yet competent. My question is how can i send this for a re-submission as to be remarked by another assessor, i cant seem to get the form i need to send off. I’ve been on the AAT page and sent a blank email to the address it supplied but nothing back?.

Link to the re-submission page -

The reason i am looking into doing this is that this is my 16th AAT exam from lvl 2-4 and i have been competent on every exam up until now (i understand i may have just not been up to scratch) and also as i cant apply for a re-sit until i go back in another 6 weeks i feel that it’s something i may as well attempt as i can’t do anything else for a while and the fee is only £27 which doesn't bother me.

Lastly does anybody know the content of the form, mainly if it has to be signed by the tutor as its now summer and I won’t be able to see them for another 6 weeks.

Thanks you


  • Rachetman
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    I say go for the re-submission. Out of curiousity, is the £27 you pass for the re-submission or is that for the resit?
  • Lee Southwell
    Lee Southwell Registered Posts: 2 New contributor ?
    Yeah im going to give it shot, just waiting on a email back from AAT which is making me nervous that i may not be able to appeal in time. As for the £27 that's the fee for the re-assessment to be sent off (this also includes a copy the outline marks of how you did in the exam such as exceeded, borderline, met etc) not the costs for the re-sit.
  • Jenny1997
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    How long did it take for the remark?
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