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Julia_WJulia_W Just JoinedRegistered Posts: 4
Hi all this is another old timer..(older than 40 younger the 50) :ohmy:

I am trying to study at home,( Financial Performance ) level 4, and for all sorts of reasons not very well. Does anyone know a tutor in the Chelmsford /Maldon Essex area ..:confused1:


  • Jo ClarkJo Clark Font Of All Knowledge Registered Posts: 2,526
    Hello Julia

    Welcome to the forums :D Why not try posting your questions etc. here. Lovely bunch of friendly helpful people and you may save yourself some money. You may even find someone from the forum who is local to you to study with etc.

    Good luck.

    JC :o
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  • amyjayne27amyjayne27 Trusted Regular Registered Posts: 314
    Hello Julia :001_smile:

    If there is anything in specific you are stuck on please feel free to post your questions, I have my Financial Performance exam tomorrow so hopefully should be able to help!

    Take care
  • GrazSGrazS Just Joined Registered Posts: 2

    Tutors in Cambridgeshire -
  • Amy SmithAmy Smith Feels At Home EssexRegistered Posts: 54
    Hello Julia!

    Thought i'd comment considering i'm from Chelmsford myself! I'm with the Kaplan college near the town centre, but i'd agree with Jo that you can use the forums for your questions. I only study with the college because my employers pay for it!

    If it's just the one exam, I would work through a text book at home and any questions can easily be answered and clearly explained on here (not by me though, only on level3!)

    Here to help
    ~AAT Qualified~
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