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Software for Accountant

helen2207helen2207 New MemberRegistered Posts: 8
I'm looking for an actual Software for me to use as an Accountant and not for Client base or for Bookkeeping ! I need a software that'll do the following Balance Sheet, P/L, Vat returns, Corporation Tax, Purchase Ledgers, Sales Ledgers, Banking, Payroll, E-Learning Payments etc.
My client has just started his business but will grow next year, I am looking for an software that will grow with the business.

What is the best software for an Accountant?

Thanks in advance


  • stevo5678stevo5678 Well-Known Cheltenham Registered Posts: 325
    I think Sage is the most common for this size of business. VT possibly for smaller businesses. Quickbooks would also do a job but Sage gets most people's vote.
  • sharoneyresharoneyre Feels At Home Registered Posts: 28
    Most accountants use IRIS -it is one of the more expensive ones but should cover what you require
  • AndreyAndrey Registered Posts: 2
    Hello! I can see that a lot of people are asking the questions about the good and reliable software for business. Yes, it is really good question which I have also asked a few years ago on the forums but now I know the answer and can advise to you too. This software is enough popular in Ukraine it is where I am living in and working as the accountant, because it is very good one or even maybe the best one, you can find it here: http://risebiz.co.za/1C_Enterprise/ I bet you will love it after trying to use. There is the free version of this program too. I would like to know your opinion about this program too and will be glad to discuss it.
  • AndreyAndrey Registered Posts: 2
    edited April 2015
  • burgburg Experienced Mentor GloucesterModerator, FMAAT, AAT Licensed Accountant Posts: 1,441
    edited April 2015
    There are three types (could be less if integrated) of software commonly used by accountants in practice.

    The first is Bookkeeping software - This is what you use for doing the bookkeeping, data entry and VAT for clients. Typical examples are VTT+, Sage, Clearbooks, Xero + others

    Then there is Accounts Production software - This is used to change a TB from the bookkeeping into a final set of accounts. You generally can post journals into the software and add notes to the accounts etc. Typical examples are Iris, Keytime, VT Final Accounts + others.

    The final is Tax software - There are different ways this are packaged but you will most likely need something to do Self Assessment, Partnerships and Corporation Tax. You can use HMRC website which is fine but many prefer software. There are many standalone tax packages such as Tax Calc and then there are those that are integrated into a package i.e. Iris and Keytime from above.

    I've used many different ones over the years. Many like a combination of VT Final Accounts with a tax package. Lots of others then go for an integrated package where the cost is higher but the integration between accounts and tax is less time consuming.

    There is also payroll software which many use Moneysoft Payroll Manager.

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