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Come and join the AAT Distance Learner group on facebook, very interactive and chatty. Set up by students for students!


  • welshwizard
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    I'm a tutor and I've been a lurker on this Facebook group for ages and must say the support given is outstanding - it certainly is a great example of networking in action. It is also a fantastic place to get that 'personal contact' that distance learners so often find lacking with their chosen mode of study. You often see tutors and past students giving advice/guidance/support there - go on, give it a go!

    Also, I should say that anyone would find it useful not just distance learners - college/private provider students will benefit from visiting too. Well done founders!
  • wabisabi
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    I've had a look and I think that if you like Fb you might get on okay with it. Without wishing to detract from the achievements of the administrators, who have shown a lot of initiative and commitment in getting it up and running, I've found that a stream of random posts about various unrelated topics from students at different levels and varying abilities didn't help me much personally.
  • NME504
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    I would like to say that the online group on facebook is priceless. It enables students of all stages of the AAT student process and those starting their accounting careers to be able to help one another. It is not guided by level of study they have currently achieved. No one person is from the same background and thus, no judgement is made on any posts on there for help. Although at times there are random post not always related 100% to learning, it does show that the group enables everyone to be who they are and express their individualism. The group has moderators that will are ensure that posts on there are not offensive or unhelpful in their comments. They sometimes have a tough job, but to have the group grow by 300% in the last two months, just proves what the student appreciate and like to contribute to.

    Why not join the Accounting Student Network Facebook group. 1000's of students have found it a one-stop centre for studying resources, motivation & Career development - You can too!!
  • AATGirl
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    I am not on Facebook.

    I am a distance learner but have been struggling with the L3 courses. I failed AP1 and just feel lost, I can't concentrate or even get my mind going to carry on. Is there any advice anyone can give me when trying this again!!!!

    Work are paying for it so I need to find a way to get motivated!!

    Help anyone??

  • Richard2013
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    When I was doing AP1 on AQ2013, it helped a lot to have a notebook with me. Then you take a look at your tasks, draw up your T accounts in your notebook and you make entries in your drawn up T accounts. Make sure to draw up all the T accounts, even if they are not required by the task. This helps you to understand how things would work in reality. Also, if you are struggling absolutely, sit back and try to think through how the entire book-keeping process works because AP1 gives a lot of extra transactions to know about. Also, try to learn the difference between Revenue Income&Expenses and Capital accounts&transactions. If you give yourself the time to think about it, you'll see the logic behind it. Try to be as rational as possible and forget your emotions while learning.
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