Tutor obligations if you want to restart the courses after a break

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~~Hi! I've started AAT lvl 2 in October 2012. I've passed one exam and, for some reasons, I had to stop. I've paid the all level and contract says I can have the exams in 2 years time. So I'm still in time. The thing is... I've contacted my tutor, I've told him I'm back and I want to go for the next exam. That was 2 months ago. I'm still waiting for him to send me the progress test results and the exam info. I keep sending emails to him. The feedback has been the same: "You'll have your progress test and exam info today or tomorrow." And that's it. If I don't contact him again, he won't send me any kind of feedback. I feel like I'm begging and it's frustrating. What should I do? Who should I talk to to be able to go for the next exam? How can I sort this out? Thank you very much.


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    Can you go above his head and complain to someone further up the chain? If you're still within your contracted support period they should fulfill their side of the contract. You don't have to wait for him to get back to you at all, you can just enter yourself for the exam. I appreciate though that you've paid for a service and you'd like some feedback as to whether you're likely to pass or not before you pay for the exam.
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