Hardest Level 4 exam?

turbo_sammie Registered Posts: 51 Regular contributor ⭐
I'm currently studying FS, and I'm seriously struggling with it (got my exam in 3 days time!! Arghhh!!), yet when I look at the forum I've noticed that more people seem to have problems with FP. I'm not saying that I found FP easy, not by a long shot (although I did pass first time! *smug grin*), but how do people think it compares to FS? And what do you guys think is the most difficult Level 4 exam, out of interest?


  • Diddy Mau
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    Sorry to say Sammie, but I thought FS was the worst exam.
    It was also my first when I did level 4.

    I would say these cant be compared, Apples and pears, as they are totally different exams.
  • topcat
    topcat Registered Posts: 452
    im not sure which is hardest yet until i do them all but they were both very hard in my opinion.

    Budgeting is without a doubt the most boring though for sure ! so dull its driving me nuts
  • Clintm15
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    FNST was my favourite exam personally, I barely revised 2 weeks for it. I found PTX to be the most difficult. I suppose it depends on what you enjoy and the prior knowledge you have.
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  • Sam22
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    External Auditing for me was the hardest because it was so dull. I had no concentration in the exam and had to re read the questions about 5 times before I answered them - still waiting on results!
  • Kris1990
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    The difficulty of a module depends on whether you can relate or are interested in it in my opinion. I've read loads of comments on here about how Financial Statements was the hardest yet I found it to be the easiest because I could relate to some of it and enjoyed the subject. I found Personal Tax to be the hardest, the content wasn't necessarily difficult but I found it extremely boring and difficult to absorb the information.
  • Kelly7
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    I found financial statements hard at first but going over it all at home it sunk in. Financial performance has def been the hardest for me. Get my result in 2 weeks & probs a fail :(
  • Clarekaye
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    FP & FS when I was learning thought they were hard but did really well on the exams, I have to say my two hardest to follow are the two taxes! Took PTX 26th Feb and working my way through BTX now.
  • turbo_sammie
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    At the time, I felt like FP was hard, but it was nothing compared to FS! I took the assessment on Saturday and I'm 99% sure it's a fail. So disappointed because I spent a lot of time revising, it just didn't sink in.

    Haven't failed an assessment yet, and now I think I have I'm becoming annoyed by the 6 week wait for results! Who wants to wait 6 weeks when they know they've failed?!?! :-(
  • Lucy_M
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    I thnk it's right that it depends on what aspect you enjoy, FNST was hard but I like the subject matter... FNPF bores me rigid and I'm really struggling to even read it. Personal and business tax just seem so much more relevant to where I want to go that I enjoy them! ;)
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