Borderline result?

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Does anyone know if the borderline result is a good or bad thing? Is it borderline over the pass mark or borderline under the pass mark?


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    Hi Derek,

    I'm pretty sure borderline means you have gained half the marks needed for a task or not enough marks gained for overall competency but the marks will still count towards your overall pass mark. From memory I think the pass mark is set at 70% for the level 4 exams. So having too many borderlines could essentially be a bad thing, depending on how the examiners mark the

    Hope this helps a bit



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    I dunno, I didnt have any borderline on my personal tax only alot of Met, Significantly below & below requirement :/ whoops!
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    Aaron is correct in that a borderline means that you have not proved competency in that question and lots of borderlines means a No No for a pass as you will not have reached 70% overall. On this subject there has been a suggestion that Pass, Merit and Distinction may be coming in but that there has been horrified reaction to giving a percentage grade. This begs the question as to why as the qualification is no longer an NVQ and that all the sponsoring bodies issue their results as percentages.
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    Thanks guys. It's all a bit confusing and I find that the feedback doesn't really help at all. It's also a bit annoying that we can't get access to it ourselves?!

    I personally believe that the exams being marked at Pass, Merit & Distinction is a good idea. I think that would encourage people to study harder for them. Espeically if your bosses want to find out how well you're doing - I know I would. Doesn't really go too well with just failing one though.

    Having a meeting with my tutor this afternoon so will find out exactly what's going wrong!!
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