Financial performance exam- written tasks

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I have my exam this week and was wondering if anyone can give me some advice on the written tasks? Are they the same as the practice assessments?
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  • mrderek88
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    Hi there

    I can only speak for the 2012 syllabus but yes, they are pretty much identical. The only difference would be the figures etc. I actually found one (in section 1) to be the exact same question as one of the sample assessments. Shame it's section 2 I get stuck on.

    Failed this exam twice now - both on the same question (you would think I would learn from this?). Hopefully this doesn't happen to you! Good luck for it
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    VodkaJules How did it go?

    Mrderek88 - Have you sat this again recently, how did you get on? I have mine next week for the 1st time & its a daunting reading the comments on here. Im actually a DL student who doesnt work in accounts so most of my nights this week is hammering the books and telling hubby to go the chippy lol :ohmy:
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    From what I remember the exam was quite similar. Give the 2012 papers a try too as it's basically the same stuff. Xx
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