BTX.... I just keep going round and round in circles...

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I took a year out while I had a baby, and now I've come back in full force I have BTX, Statement and the project left and then I'm done.

But I cannot get my head into Business Tax... I feel like I've done one chapter well and then answer some green light questions and they are wrong.

What's the trick to keep everything in your brain....????
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  • topcat
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    i am in the same boat it is very tricky to say the least we just have to keep going and hope for the best :001_smile:

    i find reviewing what you learnt the next day helps and then after that maybe 3 days later , or prompts to recall information
  • Makkusu
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    Understanding is the key to business tax. Taxation is one of those areas that if you purely try to memorize notes and methods... you will forgot a lot.

    Try to grasp the reasoning and once you understand it'll be easier. All the important figures are given as data in the exam.
  • Chimpette22
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    Thanks for the tips. After having another little break restarted studying last week. Happy to report I seem to be doing much better this time, hope it carries on this way might have finally got over baby brain :o)
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  • Chimpette22
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    Well I've booked my exam for next month, I'm on holiday next week so I will have just under 3 weeks to study my butt off before I sit it. Fingers crossed for good results. Has anyone sat the exam, is it a lot like the assessments on the website, as some of the level 4 exams I have taken have not been anything like the assessments.
    Fully AAT qualified July 2015
  • Richard2013
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    Good luck with the exam
  • Sammmy88
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    Good luck with the exams! Glad to see your back! :-)
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