Accident at work

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Hail to you fellow members I had an accident at work.a box fell on my head from 4metres.i was wearing a safety hat so I am neck hurt after the accident for a short while.Now it's not so terrible.I was talking to a forklift driver about important matters when the box suddenly dropped on top of head due to pallet that had been lifted was not properly wrapped.I am thinking of making a claim against the company.what would you do?I know you might presume I am after easy money, but that place is dangerous.


  • hinezee
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    My perspective is that the safety culture at the company in question would help drive what course of action to take. For example if the company puts a lot of effort into safety and training employee's/contractors and lives by what it preaches in that regard I think it would be hard to demonstrate they were at fault. However if there is a lack of respect to safety then you may have something. A lot of it is common sense and you would need to demonstrate you were doing all you could to act in a safe manner and weren't distracted. For me, money wouldn't be my motivation to speak up but to ensure the lessons were learned to make the work place safer for everyone.
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