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Carole Registered Posts: 57 ? ? ?
I've received two large invoices which has been printed on letterhead instead of Invoice paper, hence no VAT number. I have requested replacement invoices but they have just come back and given me their VAT number and suggested I just hand write it on. Is this sufficient for HMRC purposes? Thank you


  • payrollpro
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    Carole, the rules for VAT invoices specify the information needed, not the format, so theoretically the demand could be written on the back of an envelop and if it has all the information then its valid. They must identify the supplier, in full and their VAT number of course, be clear what the goods and services were, show the net , VAT and gross values and identify both the customer and delivery addresses. I strongly suggest you check the VAT number with the EU site, go to and fill in the details. This will tell you if the number is valid and who it is assigned to.
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