Cost and Revenues Exam HELP

Hey all,

I have a cost and revenues exam on Friday.

1. how hard is this particular exam out of 10??
2. i find it very hard to memorise formulas/calculations. anyy help pleeeease??

Much Love Suhaylah


  • HaysahHaysah Feels At Home Registered Posts: 80
    I never found it easy but if you are prepared then it should be fine. I think also it depends on what modules you click with some folk love this module. I found the best form of attack with this paper was going over as many past papers and questions as possible. Use green light as well good luck.
  • Suhaylah96Suhaylah96 Registered Posts: 6
    Thank you for your advice :)
  • ariadneariadne Registered Posts: 218
    How did the exam go? How did it compare to the practice assessments? I'm looking to book it soon, I have a few chapters left and then lots of practice and revision. I have found it more dense than the other modules so far as there is a lot of new information. I have an A4 sheet of all the equations I need to memorise.
  • Suhaylah96Suhaylah96 Registered Posts: 6
    I have a re-sit this Friday. Yes, my tutor said Formulas are the most important if you know the formula then you shouldn't have a problem so I've been doing as much revision as I can! And as Haysah has said, it depends which modules you are good at, I think Cost & Revenues isn't for me! But we shall revise to succeed! Let me know how it goes good luck Ariadne!
  • ariadneariadne Registered Posts: 218
    Fingers crossed for Friday. Did you find the practice assessments similar to the real thing or are you having to revise differently this time? I found a few YouTube videos on this topic which may help on the concepts and some formulas. Just two chapters to go and then I'm booking the exam and getting to the revision study.
  • Suhaylah96Suhaylah96 Registered Posts: 6
    The layout of the questions were similar, well the one I did anyway but my friend said hers was completely different to the 2013 sample assessments so it's best to go through the 2010 ones as well! Oh really? are you able to send me the YouTube link please... Also, the green light tests do help but they aren't as how they are on the sample assessments or the real exam they just help to learn the formulas but not all formulas! Awh hope all goes well. I'm still wracking my brains over the re-take!
  • ariadneariadne Registered Posts: 218
    Here is one but just google or search you tube for more, there are a few by this provider too. I watched the one on economic reorder quantity which had a helpful way to remember it.

    If the link doesn't work it's by the learning provider first intuition but there are others too.
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