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Hello there,

I have a quick question that maybe someone can help me with. I booked the level 3 spreadsheet exam with a provider the other day, sitting it as an external student. I was told in the email that I would need to obtain a key code from the AAT to access the exam on the day. I have taken 9 exams before and have never to get a keycode myself.

With that being said, is it just a matter of contacting the AAT and getting the code over the phone? Is there a fee involved?

I've searched around but couldn't any info.

Thanks for any help. :smiley:


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    Usually you need to have a provider for this exam, this is because the provider marks the exam. I bought my module off the exam centre I used so it was all one place and I just turned up on the day (Kaplan). The exam centre is there as a place to sit the exam and they help upload the workbook to an AAT facility - I presume this is where the code is needed. The exam is then accessible to your provider to mark. So contact your provider if you have one, or the AAT if the provider can't help. If you have no provider you will need to talk to the exam centre and if you are lucky they may offer to mark the paper for an extra fee. If not you will need to buy the module from a distance provider and get the info from them.
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    Thanks for the response.

    I just borrowed the Kaplan spreadsheets book from the library. I did alternate between different providers in the past, Kaplan and First Intuition, as I was trying to complete the diploma on an accelerated timeframe. I am not attending any training provider now.

    I will contact the AAT and the exam centre I have booedk this test with and find out what can be done.

    Thank you for your help. :D
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    I hope you sort it out. I researched this at the time before I started L3 and it didn't seem possible to do it without a provider, although it's worth seeing if the exam centre can help, AAT is unlikely to help as the advisers often say it's impossible to do AAT without a provider, not true as I've also done all my other exams self study, so it is annoying to have to buy a module. I paid about £125 for spreadsheets but you may find it cheaper elsewhere, especially if they don't send you the books as you don't need them. And I didn't need the tutor support at all either, well I asked which version of excel the exam centre uses, he didn't know and it wasn't the versions taught in the book!
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    I have to book my Spreadsheet exam soon. Can you please share what you have found out after the discussion with the AAT.
    Thanks :)
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    Try Kaplan Milton Keynes. I sat my spreadsheet exam there (albeit a couple of years ago now) and they just charged me the normal exam fee. I don't know what the keycode is all about though.
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    The person at the exam centre had no idea what they were talking about and gave me a lot of incorrect information as it turns out. I have had to cancel and will not be able to do it as soon as I wanted, sadly. :'(

    I have emailed lots of different places and still awaiting responses. One of the "catches" seems to be that you need your training provider to mark the tes/project. A lot of places will allow you to sit the exam but won't mark the test.

    Kaplan in Moorgate, London will do the exam and marking for £99, might be the best I can do.

    Thanks again for the responses.
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    Go for the Kaplan offer, it's much better than buying the module and then paying for the exam so it is a saving. Just make sure you will pass first time, otherwise it may be better to buy a module where they won't charge for marking a resit.
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