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Hi, I have just found out that I have failed my PETH for the third time and according to my feedback I seem to be doing worse at each attempt. Without sounding too vein, I have A Levels, a BA Hons degree and I am fully experienced in written examinations and have flown through Level 2 and have completed the rest of Level 3 in 5 months (apart from this last module) I really cannot understand how I am failing worse at each attempt. Furthermore I'm struggling to fully appreciate the feedback as I am unsure at what questions they relate to. Moreover to this, my third attempt was the same paper (Scenario 2) as before.

I have completed all Kaplan practice questions and Kaplan practice exam within the the revision kit (which I find badly presented as some of the questions do not match the answer sheet) I have completed all green lights tests on the AAT website and passed with 100%. I have countlessly completed both Kaplan mock exams and the AAT mock exam to be comfortable with the exam procedures and answers. Additionally I have completed and read the workbook, completed the Kaplan online lessons and gone through several notes and lecturer notes that Sarah has previously sent me. I can assure that my subject knowledge is there, I have had confirmation of this from my tutor.

I have researched online and have noticed that this new method of examining PETH seems to be a problem for a lot of students, and the feedback given seems to be very negative.

I am unsure as to why this examination has been altered to a written exam as the whole foundation of Ethics is that the code of principles that act as guidelines to which individuals must interpret themselves and form their own opinions. However this exam clearly shows that you must give the exact answer word for word from the answer sheet.

Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated as I am beginning to lose motivation, as much as I hate to admit.

Many thanks


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    Sorry you are having a hard time with this exam. It seem like a common complaint. I haven't sat this myself, I'm hoping not to by finishing L3 with 2010 exams. I'm sure you've looked at everything available on MyAAT but if there is a performance feedback pdf go through it carefully. I find these documents really helpful because it not only goes through each question explaining why students performed badly and how to avoid this but also explains the topics or types of tasks for each question, this helps target the revision and already know what they will be asking about before reading the question. The model answers should be helpful too. I sometimes find AAT question wording rather vague or something is included that was never mentioned in the text books or online resources. I too have a degree and work experience (working with government policy!) so didn't expect not to understand what the question was asking. On the reverse, AAT L3 can be formulaic and seeking something specific when you are used to thinking more 'out of the box'.

    If you have a tutor you already have a good resource to get feedback and guidance. If they aren't able to give you enough support you could try to find a tutor privately for a couple of one on one lessons. It sounds like this exam is more about technique than knowledge, it's just a hoop to jump through. You could also write a letter to AAT asking them to provide more information on the marking process, perhaps even being more specific on your exam performance, I don't know if this is possible. If other students and tutors recognise this exam as a problem and inform AAT then perhaps something will be changed.

    Aside from keep trying, you could look at other routes to qualify, depending on your circumstances. I'm looking at skipping L4 exams (although will study the books) in favour of ACCA F1-3 and don't need to finish L3 to start this. But I was hoping to do ACCA or equivalent anyway rather than practice self employed under AAT so depends on your motivations.
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