How long does ISYS take, on average?

Hello all

I have a 6 week gap in studies at the beginning of next year; would this be sufficient to do my ISYS module?

I will be doing online learning with Kaplan and intend to do a workplace based report.

Thank you!



  • CeeJaySix
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    Yes, if you knuckle down and get on with it the report can be written in a couple of days or less, if working from the case study (might take longer if you have to do research etc in the workplace). Then a few hours here and there to update after feedback on initial submissions to your tutor, if required.
  • Charlay
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    Definitely long enough, provided, as CJ says, that you get cracking on with it.

    The important thing with it is just to get the ball rolling as soon as you can. I started mine ten days before the 4 month, first fradft, deadline. I got the first draft in (somehow) and then managed to do the remedial work in the follow up two months.

    I would advise avoiding my approach at all costs! Do not leave it late. My ISYS experience was worse than all the rest of levels 2, 3, and 4 put together.

    Good luck, work hard at it and you'll be fine.
  • vodkajules
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    I based mine on the workplace and I got it done in 2 days and passed on 1st submission, I found it much easier using work compared to the case studies i looked at, good luck :) xx
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  • Luma
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    When you sayISYS, do you mean the project? I'm an FMAAT, but my daughter has decided to do level 4 as distance learning, but I'm going to 'tutor' her, can find any info on the project online.
  • SeanLassman
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    Cant be as bad as mine, i am doing mine as distant learn BPP (ICAS)and i started in 10th Feb, final interview on 6th Oct and 8 weeks later on learnplus my status update is waiting assessment outcome back to submitted, mines gone from tutor to internal verifier and back to the tutor. I am really pissed off at the minute. I have to have my result reported to the aat before end of year or I have to resit 3 exams on the new 2013 Standard.
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