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  • ajleighto
    ajleighto Registered Posts: 8
    Eastleigh College near Southampton was great I did Levels 3 & 4 there & found I has to travel there for exams a few times each year but otherwise has extensive tutor help-they are there for emailing & also can be reached by phone, I asked tons at level 3 as I didn't do level 2 as I did SAGE level 2 instead so huge gap & level 4 had a long phone call to start the project then all emails then one visit to see the project tutor for progress. Web downtime sometimes usually for maintenance but mostly reliable I used it during the night as that's when I was often free. online study cost me over £1000 for level 4 spread out 3 instalments over 8 months
  • Jamesn1981
    Jamesn1981 Registered Posts: 6
    Hi, my sincere apologies if this has already been asked. I am wanting to do AAT level 3 and I would prefer to do home study, however I'm one that I would a mixture of both i.e. study at home, and have face to face support IF I need it. Hope someone can help. Thanks
  • Jamesn1981
    Jamesn1981 Registered Posts: 6
    Lastly, for those who have done distance learning, which would you say was the best in the sense of learning material etc...
  • ncraggs
    ncraggs Registered, Tutor Posts: 70 New contributor 🐸
    Have you thought about live online as a middle ground between classroom and home study?
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