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Which study material is best, Kaplan or BPP? The tutor at my college said she prefers BBP, but it would be helpful to hear other people's opinions.


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    Everyone will have different opinions. It may be a good idea to try out different books yourself - just go on ebay and buy a cheap copy - L2, L3 and some L4 options haven't changed much so you can buy older, and cheaper, books. I've done this and just passed my L3 no problem. I found both publishers to be sufficient to prepare me for the exams.

    The differences include, BPP have a separate question book which makes it more expensive but for some exams this extra practice is invaluable, although you may not need to practice so much for other modules. BPP is more wordy generally, while Kaplan is a little easier on the eye with less dense explanations and more use of examples. There does seem to be a view that BPP text is more than just the syllabus so you may gain a more thorough understanding. While Kaplan is more likely to state which bits are included, or not, in the exam to focus your attention on specific topics. I have carried on to L4 by buying a mix of both publishers again. Whichever were best value and most up to date on ebay! I was also lucky to buy books which had the code inside unused for Kaplan - this gives access to e copies of the book and some more practice questions and tests. I think BPP have similar but haven't used it or seen it in my books.

    Whatever you do make sure you use the MyAAT resources, I usually start these after going through the text book, they really help focus your revision and exam prep. On occassion a book will be a bit rubbish or not match your learning style, I had this happen once and bought another book to use to revise. Remember you can sell your used books to get some money back anyway so it's not that expensive to try different publishers if you get stuck. Although I'd be keen to stick with your tutor's books if you are in classroom learning, distance and self study is completely flexible.
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