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I am doing chic paints case study through distance learning but I can't seem to find anything on code of ethics. I know I studied this in level 3 but that was a few years ago now. Please could anyone help me with what they are looking for? Is it something to do with honesty?


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    Take a look at the AAT code of ethics, or IFAC code of ethics (on which it's based).

    The five main principles are honesty, integrity, professional behaviour, professional competence and due care, and objectivity. These would usually be considered at a personal level.

    To decide whether a policy or decision is ethical, you can also consider whether it is transparent, fair, legal and whether it has any ill effect on a stakeholder group. This can be used to consider business ethics as well as personal.

    You can also consider corporate responsibility, which is the idea that the company owes a responsibility to society as a whole; issues could include environmental impact (which you may have already covered under the sustainability heading), staff and/or customer welfare, and charitable giving (from memory isn't there something about a local sports team in Chic Paints...)
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    Yes they cancel their sponsorship because the team isn't doing well so would that be corporate responsibility for them to continue the sponsorship?

    I seem to be writing the same thing for each point because there is another heading for integrity so its quite repetitive!

    Thanks I have now found the AAT ethics and conduct that's really helpful :smile:
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    Yes; clearly there is an argument for withdrawing sponsorship for commercial reasons, ie. the team isn't doing well. But there is also the argument that the sponsorship isn't valuable as an advertising tool (I can't see many buyers from big machinery companies watching Sunday League), but as a method of fostering good relationships within the community and giving something back, which both helps social sustainability and is a good example of corporate responsibility.
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    When thinking of sustainability - think of the 3 Pillars (the triple bottom line) People, Planet, Profit or Social, Environmental and Economic.
    People could be is the company investing in training?
    Planet could be is the company actively encouraging 'green' policies?
    Economic could be is the business ensuring it is paying its suppliers to maintain the supply chain?
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    Remember the 3 M's -
    *Man Power
    I used this for the BGT Unit
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