Best free website builder?

Londina MAAT, AAT Licensed Accountant Posts: 814
Hiya! Can anyone recommend a free or cheap website builder, with CMS? No Wordpress please, as I'm finding it difficult and not intuitive to use! Moonfruit could be good but I heard that for SEO is not great...



  • peaman
    peaman Registered Posts: 123 ? ? ?
    I use Moonfruit, it costs me just over £80pa. I have no experience of building websites and I have found it very easy to use.

    I gave up worrying about SEO after a few months. At first I spent ages worrying about meta tags and getting links to my website etc. to improve my Google ranking and I would see my website climb the rankings, only to see it fall again if I didn't keep working on it.

    I do have a Google plus business page, so I am on the first page of Google searches for nothing!

    I was inundated with calls from companies wanting to improve my SEO and they were all very expensive, I am very glad that I never used them.
  • KabTak47
    KabTak47 Registered Posts: 1
    and the balance in 2015.16 this would be most tax efficient up-front? Assuming that you can claim for expenses/capital allowances before any revenue received?
  • David Ballantyne
    David Ballantyne Registered Posts: 105 New contributor ?
    Hi Londina,

    You could try using Google's Blogger platform if you want to set up a simple clean site.

    It's fairly easy to use.

    Kind regards,

    David Ballantyne
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  • PaulPHAS
    PaulPHAS Registered Posts: 2
    I've also recently signed up with Wix though haven't completed the build yet. Good templates and easy enough to edit. Some advice around SEO's but agree with other posts, you can spend so much time on this. I guess it depends what the purpose of the site is...for me, it is just a place to sign post potential clients to who have seen an advert somewhere or have been recommended by another client. I don't expect to get much business from 'blind' searches.

    Good luck.
  • stevo5678
    stevo5678 Registered Posts: 325
    I found moonfruit a good free option (preferred it over yola).
  • Londina
    Londina MAAT, AAT Licensed Accountant Posts: 814
    thanks everybody! yes I still believe Moonfruit is the best, very easy to use when you need a simple clean website. I also tried Squarespace and their template weren't easy and intuitive to customise
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