Hi i just need a advice about what can i do. I was thinking about ACCA but maybe it would be better to start with AAT. I already have a economics science degree from Greece.


  • ariadne
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    AAT is more in depth and gradual course than ACCA, plenty of people without accounting knowledge do go straight into ACCA and similar, although often they'll be working in the field. You can get a taste of ACCA on the opentution website - look for the tutorials eg F3 is financial accounting including double entry and financial statements, or F2 which is financial performance - budgeting, forecasting and variances etc.

    If you prefer a more gentle introduction AAT is good. Unless you covered double entry in previous study or work you can start off with L2 basic accounting modules. You don't have to sit the exams at L2 but studying just these two modules will be enough to move on to L3. You can do L3 within a just few months if you have the time and motivation, it's a good foundation to build on and either go on to AAT L4 (which may give you exemptions from early ACCA papers) or start the first ACCA at this point. I'm starting ACCA now after doing L3 but am using AAT L4 books too as there is a lot of overlap and the AAT book covers each topic with more explanation and examples to work through. There is a little difference in terminology between AAT and ACCA but so far AAT has provided a good solid background in accounting without being too difficult or overwhelming.
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