When can I apply for MAAT status?

I wonder if anyone can clarify when I will be able to submit my application for MAAT, as on the MAAT application page on MyAAT it says 'You can start submitting your work experience towards your application but you can not complete any of the other application steps at the moment, this will be available to you once you have completed level 3'. However, I've seen elsewhere that I need to be level 4 qualified to apply for MAAT. I only have one more exam until I'm level 3 qualified so I'm asking because if I can apply once level 3 qualified, I'll start entering my work experience in preparation. Thanks in advance :-)


  • crispy
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    I would have thought in order to gain aat full membership will require full completion of the qualifcation (Levels 3 & 4) plus relevant work experience. You can start to compile your work experience records at any time but can only apply for maat after successfully finishing the exams. This was the case when I completed (2007ish i think)...
  • SophieJones
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    Thank you, I thought that myself but when I saw what it said on the application page it threw me a bit
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    Hi @SophieJones

    You need to have completed the AAT Qualification, which is Levels 3 and 4, and you also need to have relevant work experience which you can read about here.

    If you already have the work experience and references, you can start your MAAT application at any time, but please be aware it has an expiration date. Your application can only be pending for six months. Beyond this your work experience will remain valid, but you'll need to restart your application and resubmit your professional recommendation.

    I have now left AAT. If you require any assistance with the forums, please contact membership support: https://www.aat.org.uk/contact-us
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