Calling Accountants based in South London

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I hope it is okay to post this on here.

I am a part time accountant due to domestic constraints and find getting to branch meetings for networking events impossible because of timing and childcare issues. I have therefore decided to start a collaborative/support/mentoring group locally for MAATs, FMAATs and MIPs.

The plan is to engage with other accountants based in the above area for informal work-related (or otherwise) chats on all things to do with what we do, how we do it, workable practices, best practices, tips and hints. There are already two of us on board (based in Bromley) but the bigger the group, the better.

Please comment on here or PM me if interested.

Best Regards


  • Clarkie73
    Clarkie73 Registered Posts: 12
    You have recently responded to two off my queries. Your assistance has been extremely helpful, I am just starting out with a few sole traders/one man band trade people and would be very interested in joining a mentoring group if still up and running. I am also based in South London (n Crystal palace/Norwood border).
    Kind regards Peter
  • taxcare
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    Hi there
    Do you arrange a regular meeting with the Accountants in London?
    I am a small business accountant based in London. I would like to attend the AAT brunch meeting. Please kidly suggest to me where to attend. I do not mind anywhere in London.

  • taxcare
    taxcare Registered Posts: 4
    Sorry, I forgot to say I have firm's name is Tax Care Accountants. . We offer various small business accounting services.
  • ARob2022
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    Good afternoon,
    I am an FMAAT MIP based in Havering (Essex/East London) - as a sole director company I would be interested in joining a group with like minded individuals.
    Many thanks,
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